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Obviously we can't cover the many aspects of our operation and methods here on this web site but we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have, and of course you are welcome to visit any time. So please keep us in mind when you are looking for a good home for your horse. You'll get our best, that's a promise!

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Buying/Selling & Leasing

From time to time we will have boarders that may want to buy or sell a horse. We will communicate this internally within the stables population to see if there is any interest but most of the time this requires a transaction outside the stables. In this event we can recommend a broker that we use that we know is honest and ethical and above all cares about horses, beyond that we usually do not get involved in these transactions other than to provide an evaluation of the horse if requested. We are more actively involved in leasing horses. We have several stables horses that are leased or available for lease at any given time. Our boarders have also leased one or more of their horses. Leasing is something we recommend for first time prospective horse owners. The reason is that it allows the person to gain a near ownership experience without the complete commitment to determine if horse ownership is something they want long term. We like leasing because in the event the person decides that horse ownership is not for them they can get out of it painlessly but more importantly the risk that a horse may end up in a less than good situation is reduced considerably.

Jackson Stables is a full service horse boarding facility for both stall and pasture board. Our service and specialization is only for the routine care of the horses left in our charge. We also provide the facilities to allow for our boarding clients to enjoy their horses. From a business perspective this is all we do and we do it well. We have service providers such as veterinarians, farriers, trainers, buy/sell brokers, etc. that we work with routinely and will recommend them to those that request it, but we do not require our clients to use any particular service provider. Our clients are free to use any service provider that they choose.

Our objective here at the stables is to cultivate a laid back atmosphere for our clients to enjoy. We do not dictate or attempt to influence any particular horse activity, events,  organizations, or disciplines. The client is free to choose their particular horse sense. We do not sell or recommend any product or service unless we have found it useful and that it works. We have no special relationships, financial or otherwise, with any service provider or product producer or distributor. Our clients are our only financial relationship and we will strive to provide them with, or guide them toward, the best possible result at the lowest possible cost. We do negotiate the lowest price we can for the supplies we need that meet our quality standard using volume and repeat business as our only leverage. We have developed long term cost effective relationships with our suppliers and we work closely with them to insure quality and solve problems as they arise. There are other aspects to our business model and quality standards that we choose not to publicize as they are significant in our ability to keep our board fees among the lowest, if not the lowest around, for the high quality care and attention the animals here receive. Now that you are thoroughly convinced how wonderful we are the following is some detailed information to the different aspects of our day to day operation:

Feed & Forage

Here at the stables we subscribe to the Forage First fact, to that end we provide free forage to all the horses (unless they are under a medical prohibition). This means each horse has free access to as much grass and hay as they want. We keep round bales of Bermuda/Bahia hay out year round and of course they have access to pasture grass seasonally. Our pastures have trees to shade the horses so we have several types of grasses that are present and we seed and over seed yearly where needed. We have primarily Bermuda and Bahia in the treeless areas and mixes of Rye, Timothy, Orchard, and clover in and around the tree shade. Stalled horses are supplied with hay while in stall and have free forage access during turn out. Our primary feed is a high quality All Grain (No Sweet Feed) 12% protein with Gro-Strong vitamin and mineral supplements added. If weight gain is needed as with rescued or otherwise under nourished horses we add Rice Bran and Alfalfa to effect rapid healthy weight gain. This can produce hundreds of pounds in a matter of months. It takes some experience and tweaking to get optimal results but we've had great success with this method. If a horse requires a specialty feed such as for old, young, or performance horses, we will deduct the cost of our feed from the boarding fee so that the client can provide the special feed to us which we will then use in our feeding procedure.