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Jackson Stables   205-966-1376

3331 Kelly Creek Rd

Branchville, Alabama 35120


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Our Boarders use our facilities and freelance trainers for riding lessons and horse breaking/training.

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Stall Boarding $425

Grain Feeding twice daily

Hay in stall at feeding/turn-in

Continuous hay and grass at turn-out

(turnout per owner instructions)

Continuous city water in stall

Stall Cleaning (daily as needed)

Routine De-worming per vet schedule

(We periodically use a targeting method thru lab testing to precisely target parasites and minimize immunity development potential)

Jackson Stables is dedicated to providing a great experience for you and your horse. Our boarders and staff come together with a variety of disciplines and talents to create a learning and rewarding atmosphere. Please review this web site and stop by to see what we have to offer. Jackson Stables is known for providing high quality horse care at the most affordable boarding rates available

Pasture Boarding $225

Grain Feeding daily

Free Forage Hay (round bales) and grass Continuous city water in troughs

Routine De-worming per vet schedule (We periodically use a targeting method thru lab testing to precisely target parasites and minimize immunity development potential)

Note: All Pasture Board horses will have a stall provided when needed for sickness, injury, or other significant reason at no charge except for bedding used. We always keep some stalls available for this rest and recovery purpose.


All of the site facilities are available for riding. We have 45 acres of easy forest trails on site for relaxation, training and exercise. Please note we were hit hard during the April 2011 tornado and have finally gotten our site trails back in good condition. There are thousands of acres within a short distance from our stables. Our access route thru the mountain pass was also decimated by the tornado so we are currently looking for other access routes . The trails are surrounded on both sides by mountain ridges with 40' cliffs so finding passes has been a difficult proposition. The trails can be entered from the ridge ends but those are trailering distances. But if you are a serious trail rider that doesn't mind transporting your horse this shouldn't present a problem to find serious trail riding opportunities. We are just a few miles from the St. Clair County Arena and have stables membership for our Boarders use of this beautiful facility.


(20 miles east of downtown Birmingham)

I-20 to Exit 147 Brompton, turn North Go Straight 3.3 miles. Left at the blue sign


We have 60 acres with about 2/3rd in forest and 1/3rd in pastures. There is a dual isle 16 stall barn with 12' by 12' stalls. There is a smaller barn for feed, hay, and equipment storage. The Round Pen is about 70' diameter with sand footing. There is a large outdoor arena that can be set up for regulation barrels, jumps, obstacles, etc. There is a double size wash station with an overhead swing arm water hose and two lower level faucets, . flooring is gravel with thick rubber mats, it can be used for two horses simultaneously or flex positioning and tie off of a single horse


We specialize in full service stall and  pasture boarding for those who prefer either alternative.